Denmark – The nation has been innovative for more than a thousand years
Apr 29, 2022

The Danish Vikings were great innovators and engineers, building their version of technology out of the materials that were available to them a thousand years ago, and creating localized versions of items available elsewhere, like the magnetic compass and the portable tent.

That spirit of innovation is still alive in Denmark. Today, Danish companies know that innovations and solutions are the best way to build wealth in the country and in the world.

Did you know

Skype and Google Maps were invented by Danes.

Denmark has a high number of patents relative to its population.

Innovative products of Electeka

Electeka – A brand of Denmark with the core values of innovation

As a brand from this Nordic country, Electeka aims to achieve competitive advantages by creating and developing new products and services to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

As for Electeka water purifiers, they are the world’s newest generation of modern water purifiers, which allows customers to save time and energy by easily changing the filters on their own at home. The number of filters is only two or three, but they are integrated with IMPACT technology and could perform at least five stages of filtration effectively.

Regarding Electeka air purifiers, this product line focuses on neglected spaces where people might forget to treat the air in the right way for fresh and clean air.

Besides, Electeka kitchen appliances, including induction hobs, ovens, microwave ovens, dishwashers, and other kitchen appliances, which will be developed by V-Dan Green Tech and Witt – a well-known Danish homeware company, would enhance the DNA of Danish designs.

As a brand from Denmark, Electeka would promote the spirit of innovation in all products under this brand.

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