The launch of Electeka – A premium household appliances brand from Denmark: Scadinavian designs for a better life
Apr 29, 2022

V-Dan Green Tech held the cooperation signing ceremony and brand launch of Electeka, a high-end Danish home appliances brand, on March 18, 2022, in the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel in Hanoi. The Counselor, Health – Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam was present at the ceremony.

The cooperation signing ceremony and brand launch of Electeka on March 18, 2022
The cooperation signing ceremony and brand launch of Electeka on March 18, 2022

Electeka: Scandinavian designs for a better life

V-Dan Green Tech’s high-end household appliance brand, Electeka, is developed in the Scandinavian style with minimalism and efficiency. The mission of Electeka is to improve the lives of families via green technology, high-quality home appliances, and dedicated customer services, to become one of the world’s most trusted premium brands in the household appliances industry.

Mr. Poul Wiid – CEO of V-Dan Green Tech said ‘V-Dan Green Tech embodies the mission and values of a social enterprise, operating based on community goals. We concentrate on the following areas: green technology transferring; connecting investment operations to strengthen globalization; and developing the high-end home appliances brand Electeka, which is associated with the corporation’s objectives.’

Electeka introduced three important product categories during the launch ceremony: water purifiers, air purifiers, and kitchen appliances. These categories are all high-end products with the technology and design developed in Denmark, aiming to provide users in Vietnam with new experiences.

Mr. Dao Dinh Hong – Representative of Electeka distributor in Vietnam said: ‘Consumers in Vietnam have grown higher expectations for household appliance products. They choose home appliances with the criteria like aesthetics, optimal operation, and experiences of a far higher standard than they considered before. As a result, we are confident that Electeka will fully meet those criteria while also contributing to the growth of a minimalist and elegant Scandinavian lifestyle.’

Mr. Mikkel Lyndrup - the Counselor, Health - Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam was present at the ceremony
Mr. Mikkel Lyndrup – the Counselor, Health – Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam was present at the ceremony

Mr. Mikkel Lyndrup – the Health Counselor of the Danish Embassy shared his desire to develop trade and investment cooperation between Vietnam and Denmark by supporting Danish firms in Vietnam during the cooperation signing ceremony and brand launch of Electeka. ‘With the aspiration to promote a sustainable future, the use of environmentally safe materials, and a commitment to the use of CO2-reduction technologies, V-Dan Green Tech is a pioneer in innovation, creating a ‘green’ commit. I hope that the cooperation of V-Dan Green Tech in Vietnam will achieve good results.’ – said Mr. Mikkel Lyndrup.

Electeka: Elegance – Minimalism Functionality

Electeka water purifiers come in two product lines: the under-sink water purifier and the desktop water purifier, which can fulfill a diversity of client needs with smart features and modern technologies.

The Electeka water purifier, in particular, is the world’s newest generation of modern water purifiers, which allows customers to easily change the filters on their own at home.

Electeka products: Elegance - Minimalism - Functionality
Electeka products: Elegance – Minimalism – Functionality

Under-sink Electeka water purifiers (Model: A9-600, S7 Pro)

The devices combine RO technology with a two-core system integrating IMPACT technology, possessing a compact and minimalist design while still providing effective performance. In fact, IMPACT was developed by V-Dan Green Tech, using a biomimetic membrane to filter water faster and save energy.

The Electeka under-sink water purifier is designed to be compact and tankless, with a filtration capacity of up to 1.6L/min and a water recovery ratio of 1.5:1. Other intelligent and automatic features of the device include a two-mode faucet system for different purposes; a display of TDS (total dissolved solids) indication alarm and an integrated filter life monitoring LEDs on the body that allow consumers to actively monitor the water quality. When the machine is running, advanced technology helps to reduce noise. In comparison to typical models, the integrated water circuit in the Electeka water purifiers helps avoid leakage.

Electeka desktop water purifiers (Model: E6, E8)

Electeka desktop water purifiers integrate RO filtration technology with IMPACT – Composite filtration and UV lights for pure and safe water. Dual Connection – using a portable water tank or connecting to tap water – allows users to position the machine anywhere in their homes.

The Electeka E6 and E8 desktop water purifiers are multifunction products that provide safety and comfort of use by providing hot water at various temperatures and capacities with a child protection lock, providing safety and convenience to use.

The Electeka E8 water purifier, in particular, is a new generation of multifunction water purifiers in Vietnam, having tea/coffee-making functions with powdered coffee, capsules, and Oolong/Black tea leaves. The device could provide high-quality drinks like the ones made by professional tea/coffee machines.

In addition, users must pay attention to the quality of the water used in the machine to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. Using water that has been filtered to remove impurities and limescale is beneficial to one’s health and gives the drink a pleasant taste.

The multifunction Electeka E8 water purifier helps control the temperature, volume, and quality of the brewed water, combining traditional filter coffee with modern machine coffee, bringing a ‘true’ taste of coffee.

Electeka’s air purifier product line focuses on designing minimalist air purifier products such as the Electeka E12 desktop air purifier, which is perfect for small rooms, or the Electeka E05B automotive air purifier, which is specially designed for cars.

Electeka E12 air purifier uses two-layer purification – HEPA and Activated Carbon filters – to remove air pollutants such as fungi, dust, allergens, viruses, bacteria, formaldehyde, PM2.5 fine dust, deodorizing, and secondary pollutants. Polluted air enters the bottom and clean air is released at the top of the device which uses 360-degree rotating air filtration technology to thoroughly clean. In addition, the equipment contains smart features such as an air-quality and filter-life monitoring screen that allows customers to easily monitor the machine’s functions.

The Electeka E05B car air purifier is specifically designed for cars, with a 360-degree HEPA filter that absorbs pollutants from the input air, removing 99.9% of pollutants in the form of small particles up to 0.3µm, such as pollen, bacteria, viruses, etc. Negative-ion releasing technology produces up to 5 million high-concentration negative ions, cleaning the air and adding freshness to the vehicle. The device has a compact design, and a one-touch control, making it simple to operate while driving.

As for Electeka kitchen appliances, V-Dan Green Tech will cooperate with Witt, a well-known Danish homeware company, to develop product lines such as induction hobs, ovens, microwave ovens, dishwashers, and other kitchen appliances under the Electeka brand. Witt has been a market leader in the development of unique and innovative products that fulfill the high demand in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, and the Netherlands. V-Dan Green Tech, in collaboration with Witt, will bring modern and minimalist Electeka brand home appliances products to the Vietnamese market, assisting in the transformation of the kitchen into a comfortable and elegant place.

Electeka not only has outstanding features and technology, but it also simplifies the process of use, enhancing the user experience and highlighting the Scandinavian lifestyle. Users may easily change the filters on their own at home and call for the help of high-quality after-sales services that includes a 24-month guarantee, a 24/7 call center, and Electeka Onecare service. Electeka aims to take more steps and leave a significant impact on Vietnam’s thriving home appliances industry.


For more information about the Electeka brand, please contact:

V-Dan Green Tech
Address: Ellebæksvej 3, 4174 Jystrup, Sjælland, Denmark

Electeka Vietnam
Address: Room 103, G2 building, No. 03 Thanh Cong, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
Hotline: 1900 2162

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